New Website

Happy Wednesday everyone!  So, we are in the process of redoing our website.  Here’s what it is right now…

I’ve recently made some changes to reflect more of our current presence and now it’s time for the face lift.  We are hoping to create a fresher look that also showcases are new logo.  Here is a mock up of an idea I have…

So, we’ll see what happens.  If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment.  There are some changes we’ve made to the site like we are selling all our wine online along with some merchandise.  If you came into the tasting room and enjoyed one of our wines, you can now purchase that online without having to make the trip.  Although we would love to see you of course!  We will also be adding profiles of the entire family so you get to know each of us better.  As I’m starting to say at the end of these blogs… there is a lot to look forward…seriously, there is.  Anyways, I hope everyone is well and the 4th is just around the corner…what are you doing?!  We are going to be enjoying our time at the ranch with family and friends…we actually do a little camp out so it should be a blast.  Till my next musings.


6 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Cec it looks fantastic. Would like to incorporate our “Amazing wines!”. Under the Parrish Family Vineyard.


  2. For David,

    I was in late on Saturday. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you. The wines are great and can’t wait to uncork the cab. I told you that I write the wine article for Oak Shores. I would like to have Parrish as my next article. It comes out mid Sept. You can view past articles on the Oak Shores website.Then click on newsletters. My title is Dan in the Vines. I also have a Facebook page under daninthevines. I would need to visit w/you again and get some unique background. Perhaps we coud arrange a time this Thursday for 30 minutes. Please let me know ASAP.
    cell: 805-208-7107.

    • Dan

      I really enjoyed talking with you and your lovely wife Maryjoe. You are both very knowledgable about wines.

      I would be honored to be interviewed by you for your wine article. I will be out of town Thursday. Would tomorrow work for you?

      All the best,

      David Parrish

      Sent from my iPhone

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