Tasting Room

Hi Everyone!

I would like to keep everyone updated on the progress of our new tasting room in  Paso Robles, Ca.  Downtown Paso has been beautiful with perfect weather but how can it not be, in a town where wine flows like water!

Lynn is in the process of putting up some beautiful photographs, taken by Cecily Parrish, and the tasting room has never looked better!  With our new photographs up one really gets a grand perspective of how beautiful our vineyard is and how much hard work it takes to maintain that beauty and quality of our wine.

The wines are truly amazing!  They are constantly changing, showing more fruit, viscosity, and softer tannins.  The feedback from tasters and other tasting rooms has brought a smile to our face, the word is out, Parrish Family Vineyard has amazing wines!

So next time you find yourself in charming downtown Paso Robles, stop in, see and sip for yourself what the buzz is all about!

Have a great day!

Chalan Lind

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