The Harvest Party

The Harvest Party was really wonderful!  The weather was perfect…comfortable temperature with a soft breeze.  The lake looked so graceful as charcoal colored coots coasted along the top of the water.  The oak tree and patio area looked amazing thanks to the hard work of my mom, Lynn, and my fiancee, Ethan.  Then the decor was simple and refined.  Black linens, small pumpkins, and autumn flowers graced the tables.  We even had our yellow umbrellas at the head table.

Once people arrived and enjoyed a variety of our wines and cheese, they followed my dad, David, to the vineyard to learn about the grapes.  Guests got to taste the Cabernet grapes as well as look into a refractometer, which is a meter that determines the sugar of the grapes.  It was a time for them to learn about the beginning of our wine, which is a lot…balancing soil, sun, and water.  That is the most basic way to put it.

Then came the falcon show, which was so spectacular to watch.  Tom Savory had brought his falcons out last year so that my parents and I could get a private show of how they work.  It was incredible then and it was still incredible this time at the party.  Tom brought with him other falconers that he works with, Randy and Greg.  Each falconer flew a falcon showing the various ways they can be flown.  It was absolutely amazing to watch their speed and how high they could get…which was very high!

Once the falcon show was completed, guests were greeted with a table of fresh salads and flavorful pulled pork sandwiches as well as yummy cupcakes.  The food definitely captured the heart of this foodie.  We also released our 2007 reserve wines…the Silken and Cabernet Sauvignon which guests got to have the first tastes of as they enjoyed the food.  As the buzz of conversation slowly trickled to just the family, we were so happy with the turn out.  Everyone walked away with smiles after a lovely afternoon.  To me, it was charming…quaint…and relaxing, which in a lot of ways is a reflection of our ranch.  I think out of all the events and get-togethers that my family has hosted, the harvest party was by far the most successful.  Now, if we can just have an awesome family Thanksgiving…the year will be complete!

On behalf of my family, thank you to everyone who came to the party and was involved!  The event wouldn’t have been possible without: Chalan for all your efforts in planning and organizing…we are blessed by you.  Susie and Amy for your hard work during the event.  Tom Savory and the gang for the amazing show.  Vivant for the wonderful cheese platters.  Alex Martin of Crushed Catering for your phenomenal, creative food.  Whitnie Burke (CalTerra) for the awesome cupcakes.  Aaaand my love, Ethan Ray, for helping my mom and with the parking.  Up next…more photos from the event and HARVEST !


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