2009 Silken and Cabernet Receive AWARDS!

Over the weekend we received wonderful news…I am thrilled to announce that our 2009 Silken and Cabernet Sauvignon have received awards at the 2012 Orange County Fair’s Wine Competition! Our 2009 Silken scored big with a GOLD medal in the proprietary red category, while our 2009 Cabernet received a BRONZE in the Cabernet Sauvignon category which is stiff competition (as you can imagine). This wine competition is the largest and most comprehensive judging of California and this year 2,762 wines were entered.  So, you can see why we are excited!  The 2009 Silken & Cabernet have been released and they are currently available for club members only.  Thank you to everyone’s continued support…we are excited about the future!




To purchase these wines click the links below:

2009 Silken

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

To become a member click the link below to see our member options:

Wine Club Member

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