2012 Harvest Party Highlight: The Vineyard and Lake

Hi all!

Well, as I said in my last post, I will be taking the next few weeks to share with you different aspects of our harvest party…and the location is a good place to start.  The party is going to be held at the family ranch, which sits among the golden rolling hills of Creston, California.  Creston is a small country town that has a post office, saloon, and a general store with great hospitality.  Also, there’s a steakhouse called the Loading Chute with some good eats, but you are getting the idea…it’s a small town.  As you move away from the town, the valleys are home to cattle ranches, homesteads, farms, and vineyards.  It is a beautiful place to retreat from the fast paced city life for a breath of fresh air and solace.

The family ranch is nestled within this peaceful rural area.  We will be having the harvest party under one of our large oak trees next to the lake.  The lake serves as our irrigation for the vineyard with the deepest part being about 25 feet deep, but this lake also serves as a place for family gatherings.  We stock the lake with bass for fishing and have built a diving float for prime swimming.  There is even a hammock that gently swings next to the oak tree.  So, it’s a very relaxing spot.  It is also an attraction for much of the wildlife as they love to swim and drink from the lake.  As seen below, the Canadian geese are enjoying a swim not far from their nest.

To the right of this area, we have what we call our “back country”, which we have left for local wildlife.  We have a big deer population that we see near the lake and the house as well as red foxes, bob cats, wild boar, hawks, and bald eagles.  It is a no hunting area, so it is a safe haven for many of these animals.

Just to the left of the lake is our 40 acre vineyard of Cabernet grapes, which is where the magic happens!  The vineyard is lovely as it sits overlooking the Creston area.  This is the beginning of the journey for our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Reserve Silken blend.   During the day, the temperatures are warm with the vines reaching their green shoots and tendrils up to the sun as well as shading the developing fruit.   At around 2:00pm almost everyday, a cool breeze comes through the Templeton Gap from the coast and cools the area for pleasant evenings.  Evening walks through the vineyard are gorgeous as the sun sets in the distance reflecting off the glossy green leaves and outlining the darkening silohettes of the vines.   In the distance, the coastal hill range is covered in hovering fog that goes from gray to a heavenly gold as the sun melts into the horizon.

So the family ranch is where the journey of the wine begins, but it is also the place the family is blessed to call home.  That is why the location of this event is so special because you will get to experience the heart of the Parrish Family.  For more information about this event, click here.  Tune in next week for a glimpse at the wines we’ll be serving!



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