2010 Pinot Noir…Bottled Next Week!

Hi Everyone!

So it’s the middle of the week, hope you’re all getting enough wine or at least coffee…or both to keep you going!  Well next week we’ll be bottling our 2010 Pinot Noir!  I wanted to share some winemaker notes with you all as I think this is going to be another great Pinot.

According to winemaker, David Parrish….

-From Monterey, The Santa Lucia Highlands (same as previous year) 

-Beautiful red color that is darker than the ’09 as the color was  enhanced by the cooler weather that year

Rhubarb nose that transfers into the palette

-Nice rounded tannins 

-Finishes with a nice raspberry fruit flavor 

Thanks, Dad, for sharing!  I’ll be following my dad, Ethan, and Lloyd with my camera as they bottle next week.  So, you will get to see our newest addition to the family!  To check out our 2009 Pinot, visit us in the tasting room for a taste or buy a bottle online.



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