2010 Pinot Noir Bottled

Hi all!

So, as I shared last week…we bottled our 201o Pinot Noir.  It went well as it normally does. It was an early morning in the winery…David, Ethan, and Lloyd got to the winery at 7am to start gathering things while I showed up at 7:30 with my camera.  Thankfully we had some Starbucks to get us all awake and before we knew it, the bottling began.  Our 2010 is wearing our new P.O. Box 1 label which I re-worked a bit.  It was silk screened onto the bottles in gold thanks to Peltier Glassworks (Adam does awesome work).  We’re loving the new look.  The wine is different than our 2009 Pinot as the year was cooler in 2010.  This wine is darker in color, more of a raspberry fruit than strawberry with a rhubarb nose, and a bit more body than our 2009.   It just shows how each year is different, which makes winemaking so interesting.  Without further ado, here’s a video of the bottling and the winemaker’s thoughts as well as some photos I took!



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