Templeton Property – Foundations of the New Vineyard

Hey all!

I got to go out to our newest property and took some photos of what’s going on.  Currently, the foundations of the vineyard are being put into place.  The guys: David, Ethan, and Lloyd, were out doing survey work and making the last adjustments as to where rows were to start and end.  So check out the photos (there’s just a few!)….



a forklift and some huge irrigation pipes ready for installation

Ethan running string during the surveying.

A bucket of marking stakes.

Lloyd running a tape measure from the property line to the string.

Making an intersection.

David in the distance of prepped ground

A stake marking a row and the straws mark vines.

David’s shadow.

David multi-tasking with holding the other side of the measuring string as well as stakes.

More shots of the property.

Our two tree hill.

Under the two trees.

The patterns of the surrounding landscape.

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