Harvest Party Highlight: The Falcon Show (photos from last year too!)

Hi Everyone!

This week’s highlight is a great one…the falcon show!

The falcon show is really a rarity for our guests, which is why we love having it.  It is not only amazing to watch, but representational of a very important part of our grape growing.

Falconry is really an ancient art form and it has been resurrected as a part of sustainable farming.  Grape growers have tried netting, plastic owls, gun shots/loud noises, and silver streamers to scare off birds from their crops, but it hasn’t been successful.  So, many of us have turned to falconry.  Around harvest time, when the grapes are looking like juicy morsels for little birds, we have Tom Savory, a very skilled falconer who has been in the business for over 40 years, come to our vineyard with his falcons to protect our crop.  These falcons can get to about 250 mph and to supremely high heights.  The falcons are trained, but they are natural predators of birds.  In an interview with NPR, Tom explains, “Here is a bird that’s basically doing what it would do in nature anyways — but for our benefit.” (full article)  With this being much more of a natural process, it shows why falconry has been the answer to grape growers’ prayers.

At the party, Tom Savory and his team come to the event with their falcons.  He and his other falconers share about the birds and then the falcons show their skills and intelligence.  I have been fortunate enough to watch them fly twice now and they are incredible…it just never gets old watching them.  As Tom shares in the same NPR article, “Flying the falcons, I feel I am the observer of something that is very grand.”  It truly feels that way as a spectator, that you are sharing in a moment of grand beauty and nature.  It’s very special.

Well, this pretty much wraps up my highlights.  So, the event is:

September 29th from 3-6pm at our Parrish Family Vineyard

The award winning wine, food, location, and awesome entertainment plus the company of our guests will make this year’s 2nd Annual Harvest Party another wonderful time.  Right now we are offering an early bird special  (the pun wasn’t intended…at first) and it’s $65 per ticket with Wine Club Member discounts honored.  To make reservations…go here!

Happy Thursday and as normal, Cheers!


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