PFV Profile: Lynn Parrish

Lynn Parrish, pictured above with some of her tomatoes, is one of our “behind the scenes” people that many of you haven’t had the opportunity to meet.  She is David’s wife and Cecily’s mother.  Lynn’s biggest role in the business is that she manages our properties.  She is constantly making sure that things are looking clean and well managed.  Many times you can find her working outside on one of our properties…weeding, chopping wood, clearing rubble, and even taking down structures.  It’s all important to keeping our properties in prime condition.  Before Ethan came on board, Lynn also assisted David on the wine making in 2009-2010.  So, she is apart of the success of our award winning 2009 Reserve wines.   Lastly, Lynn is also behind the design of the tasting room.  She decorated it and designed the beautiful bar (the hooks for the ladies’ purses was her idea!).  Needless to say…she is a talented woman that is full of strength and a willing spirit to support others especially her family.  Here’s Lynn…


When you’re not busy working, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Demolishing structures, garden areas, and interior spaces then redesigning new ones.


When you’re in Downtown Paso Robles, where is a must stop for you and why?

Any antique and collectable store for interior design inspiration.  Reminisce and Great American Antiques, for example.


What’s a movie that you love and could easily watch non-stop?

There are two actually. “In Harms Way” with John Wayne and Patricia Neal [it’s a good one] and the original “War of the Worlds” [no Tom Cruise involved].


We know you’re a classic movie buff, what actress would you love to be and why?

That’s a tough one because there are actually two. Myrna Loy who could underplay a part and be so incredibly natural at it and Rosalind Russell who was absolutely brilliant in any role she acted. 


Share with us one of your talents that might surprise people?

I don’t think many people know that I have been an amateur competitive body builder with several trophies I earned in my competing days. 


Here’s an easy one…what’s your favorite musician or band?

The one and only Hank Williams Sr.


What is your favorite holiday and why?

The 4th of July. We have such a great group of family and friends out at the Ranch in Creston. [it’s where the Harvest Party is!]

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