PFV Profile: Cecily Parrish Ray

It’s always a little weird writing about yourself, but someone’s got to handle this next PFV Profile.   I’m Cecily Parrish Ray and I don’t really have a title at the Parrish Family Vineyard yet (haha…no seriously), but my job entails artwork, social networking, marketing, office management, and whatever else they need, I’m there.  I’m David & Lynn Parrish’s daughter and the wife of Ethan Ray, so I’m definitely apart of the family.  I would be considered the artistic one out of the group as I designed our logo, labels, and do the photography for all the wine/vineyard things (and yup, that’s my work up in the tasting room).  I work in our office as well as in our tasting room during the summer.  Also, something that many may not know is that I’m currently a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco working towards my BFA in Photography and will be done by Spring 2013 (which I’m super stoked about as I’ve been working hard for the last 4 years!).   Anyways, here’s a bit more about me…

You’re hosting a dinner party using things from Downtown Paso Robles vendors…go…

I would go to Sealed with a Kiss for menu cards and name cards, Divine Party Creations on Park for some paper lanterns and other paper goods needed, and hit up Reminisce and Cottage for other decor needs.  For the food, Vivant for cheese and other appetizer supplies, Artisan for the main course because I haven’t had them yet and I’ve heard good things (wanna try them), I’d probably go with our wine because well it’s delightful & I’ve got to represent, Pithy for hand crafted sodas because not everyone can enjoy wine, Two Little Bird’s Bakery for some yummy cupcakes, and lastly I’d stop by Powell’s Candy for some fun old fashioned treats to put in glass containers.  Phew…I think that’s all I can think of.

When you’re not work’n, what do you enjoy doing?

Well, I love gardening, cooking/baking, or just sitting with a Sunset Magazine.  When I feel like being more adventurous (not tired), I love body boarding, especially in Cayucos or heading over to Montana De Oro for a walk along the bluffs.  I’m a beach gal at heart.

What music do you love?

I love Yann Tiersen…he’s a French musician (did the music for the movie Amelie).  I also love Adele, Radiohead, the White Stripes, Nick Drake, Bon Iver, and Ray LaMontagne to name a few more.

What’s your favorite movie?

It’s not one for everyone, but I love The Royal Tenenbaums.

Any hobbies or talents you would love to share with us?

I love dancing.  If there’s good music, then I’ll be on the dance floor…no alcohol needed to shake my groove thing. 🙂

What’s your comfort food we could find you enjoying?

Either Mac & Cheese, or grilled cheese with a nice tomato bisque.  It’s just…yummy goodness.

This is an important one…if you were a wine, what would you be?

Honestly, I would say that I’m like our 2010 Chardonnay and I’m not trying to be a kiss up, it’s just I know this wine so well.  It’s golden color (I’m blonde)…the honeysuckle bouquet (I love gardens)…the fresh pear and citrus (my farm girl roots)…with the butter mid palette (I’m a total foodie).  It’s just a really lovely wine that’s not your normal Chardonnay. 🙂

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