PFV Profile: Lloyd Smith

Next up for the PFV Profile is Lloyd Smith!  Lloyd is Suzie’s husband (who you met last week) and he has been working with us for about 6 or 9 months.  He has been a huge help to Ethan with the work out at our new piece in Templeton.  He has spent long days in the dust and heat either surveying, or helping with the trellising. Lloyd has also been a great help in our winery as well as sometimes serving in the tasting room.  We’ve got him doing everything!  Lloyd is a friendly and humorous guy, which makes him easy to be around whether you’re working through 90 degree heat or sharing a bottle of wine with him (he is a wine connoisseur by the way)…he is just a great guy to spend time with!  So, here’s your chance to meet him…

You have an open day on a Saturday, where would you go and what would you do here on the Central Coast?

My very favorite thing to do is drive on back roads.  I like to see new things that aren’t on the highway. You never know what you’ll discover.

When you’re not working…what do you love to do?

I like to relax, watch movies and drink wine.

You’ve had some great, interesting jobs, but what has been the coolest one and why?

I help out with a catering company.  I really like watching people.  This job lets me see cool spots for parties and weddings and also meet lots of people.

What is a favorite movie of yours?

Without a doubt, “Silence of the Lambs”

Who is your all time favorite musicians?

Pink Floyd.

Any hobbies or talents, you would love to share with us that might surprise people?

People might be surprised that I am a really good bowler.  I have bowled 6 “300” games. I also play a really good game of horseshoes!  [that is impressive!]

We know you’re very much into wine, so what is your most prized wine in your library and why?

I have over 500 bottles of wine in my cellar, but my prized wine is a Schrader CCS Cabernet.  It was awarded 100 points from Wine Spectator.

Then the usual…if you were a wine, what would you be and why?

I would be Cabernet Sauvignon.  Why? I love meat and Cab goes best with it.  [good call]

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