PFV Profile: Lori Ritchey

Picture provided by Lori (enjoying some wine tasting!)

Alrighty, well last week was crazy for us so I was unable to do our weekly PFV Profile, but this week we’ve got Lori!  Lori is our newest member to the team as she just started working with us part time a few months ago.  Immediately, we all became fond of her as she is a very sweet spirited person who is easy to talk to.  Having been a local for most of her life, Lori did move to Southern California for a while to attend school at California State University Long Beach where she received a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.  After school, She worked for Tilly’s for 6 years and finally moved back home to be closer to her family.  She currently works as a new business consultant for a start up agency where she handles lead generation, email blasts, and database management for clients all over the US.  Even though she enjoys her job Lori missed being around people, which is how she ended up working with us in the tasting room!  We are so honored to have Lori join our team as she is the perfect addition!

What is one of your favorite places to go to on the Central Coast and why?

I love to go wine tasting; I live here but it is definitely something I take for granted.  I always tell people that beach sunsets are beautiful but there is something to be said for a beautiful sunset on a Vineyard with a nice glass of wine in hand. [for sure!]

It’s your weekend, what could we find you up to?

Hanging out with my family, friends, boyfriend.  I love to get a group together and BBQ, drink and play games.

What TV show could you watch a marathon of because it’s just that good?

I am a sucker for reality TV…it is my way of ‘vegging’ out.

What concert/show (music wise) would be a must go to regardless of the ticket prices?

I am not super into music. I listen to whatever sounds good for whatever mood I am in.

What’s your favorite meal that you have to treat yourself to at least every once in a while and why?

This is a REALLY tough question because I LOVE food and wine for that matter.  I love dining out, I love trying new things and I enjoy cooking for others (not myself).

Any hobbies or talents, you would love to share with us?

I can sing, really good…no, actually, just kidding.

Lastly, if you were a wine (any varietal), what would you be and why?

Pinot Noir — I am classic and noble.  However, ask my family I can definitely be complex and challenging.  Pinot Noir is a great wine because it is usually lighter in body, yet it still has complexity and interest.  I enjoy the climate Pinot tends to grow.  I love cool nights cuddled up with a book and a good glass of wine.  (I am getting thirsty just thinking about it)   [Me too…and a cool night sounds great also!]

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