2nd Annual Harvest Party – Photos

Hey Everyone!

Last Saturday we had our 2nd Annual Harvest Party!  It was a pretty warm day so luckily we had our lovely oak tree for shade and a light breeze that brought cool air in over the water…so it was actually quite beautiful.  Guests had our entire wine menu to choose from, which they enjoyed with appetizers and cheese for the first part of the party, while socializing.  We also had Brett & Julia Mitchell providing us with some wonderful singing standards and jazz, which perfectly set the mood.

We released our award winning 2009 Reserve Wines…Silken and our Cabernet.  Both of these wines are now available to the public!

After waiting for it to cool a little bit, my dad, David, invited the guests to come see this year’s Cabernet grapes.  They got to taste the grapes and learn about how amazing wine really starts in the vineyard.  Once a light dinner was enjoyed (plus a little more wine, or should I say a lot!), we enjoyed the sunset with a falcon show provided by Tom Savory and his team.  It was a beautiful way to end the party.  Thank you to everyone who came to the party as we enjoyed sharing a wonderful afternoon/evening with you!  A big shout out to our Cahoots Catering, Brett & Julia Mitchell, Tom Savory and his amazing team, AND the servers (our awesome friends: Chelsea, Colin, Ben, & Autumn)!  Here are more photos for your enjoyment (on Facebook this time as well)!

Cheers to harvest, the continued support, and to the year ahead!


1 thought on “2nd Annual Harvest Party – Photos

  1. Thank you to all. Our Harvest Party was a great success because of you. We are so very grateful for your support and participation in our ongoing endeavors to bring you the finest wines possible. Our many harvests are going full bore and we look forward to bringing you some very amazing wines in the coming years.

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