PFV Pup Profile: Ella Veruca

This week we are starting our PFV Pup Profiles, which won’t take us long to get through, but these team members are very important!  We start with PFV’s Miss Ella Veruca (pictured above at the tasting room).  Many of you probably know this hottie since her mom is Chalan Lind.  This pooch spent her puphood in Fresno, but she really grew up on the Central Coast.  She loves girly drinks, Sex in the City reruns, being a bed hog, and of course, she is in a relationship.  Ella is PFV’s Miss Congeniality and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to meet this sassy doggie in our tasting room!

I’m afraid Ella was “unavailable” to answer our usual questions, but I have a feeling that it would’ve just led to a staring contest and one of us drooling.  😛 Cheers everyone and have a great weekend!

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