PFV Pup Profile: Willie

This next PFV Pup is Willie!  Willie has been with us since before we started to produce wine.  This pup could be considered PFV’s Ultimate Assistant as he has accompanied David on many appointments, supported Lynn as she worked on projects, or helped Cecily on her photo shoots.  Not only does this pup love his family, but one of his favorite things to do is greet people in the tasting room with a great big smile.  He loves people!  This handsome, good ol’ chap of a doggie is now retired, but this has given him more opportunity to do the things he enjoys most…sleeping, eating 5 star meals, smoking a good cigar with a glass of fine Cabernet, napping, watching The Thin Man (he is convinced that Asta the dog is the star of that movie), and of course, sleeping.  Willie is the family’s beloved dog who charms everyone he meets with his humor and love.

Again, I tried to interview this doggie, but he was snoozing under an oak tree…so of course I didn’t want to bother him. 🙂

*Little info on him: Willie is a Wire Fox Terrier.*

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