PFV Templeton Property: Getting Wired

Hi everyone!

I was finally able to get out to our Templeton property to photograph where the trellising is at for our developing vineyard.  All the steel rails have been pounded into the ground for the start of the trellis system.  Even though this may seem just like steel and dirt, there is something beautiful about it because of the wonderful rhythmic pattern that flows along the once bare hillside.  Not only that, but it is also exciting to know that these are basically the bones of the vineyard.  Something we all visualized is now coming to life.  It’s pretty exciting.

Now A&P along with Ethan and the help of Lloyd are now working on the wiring of the trellis.  The wire is tied to the steel rails at the end of each row and then unraveled from huge spools that sit on top of a trailer as a tractor goes along.  After the wire is laid out, Ethan and Lloyd are going along with wire strainers and attaching them to the steel rails.  These strainers will soon be used to feed the wire keeping the wire straight and tight in order to better train the vines.  It’s a lot of work, but crucial for making the trellis successful.  Need photos to better understand this?  I did.  So, check out the photos I got below!

Happy Thursday and Cheers!


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