PFV Pup Profile: Cody

Our last PFV Pup Profile is Cody although he is not the least as he is probably the craziest and sweetest of the bunch of us!  He is PFV’s wild child.  Even though we have tried to involve him in our work, his age makes him unable to focus.  He wants to travel to places like England  in order to swim the English Channel, or visit Central Park to find the best squirrels of New York.  We are never quite sure what to expect from this pup which is probably why he also goes by Boober, Peabrain, and Codster.  But regardless, we love this doggie and hope that one day he will take more interest in wine like the son did in Bottleshock…eventually taking over for dad.  So, Cody receives Most Energetic of the PFV team for his excited spirit and ambitious dreams.  When Cody is not “working” he enjoys swimming in our lake for an hour or more until we pull him out, he enjoys squirrel & bunny hunting, he likes a good beer and ice cubes while watching ESPN, and he enjoys running.  Even though Cody is crazy, his favorite thing to do is cuddle because at the end of the day…Cody is about peace and love.

Alright the dog questions are just not coming through for me as I tried to interview Cody, but he zoomed past me on his daily 5 hour run.

Anyways, have a great weekend all!  We’ve enjoyed sharing about our team members and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too!



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