2013 Harvest Party Highlight #3: Olivas de Oro

We are excited to be offering olive oil tastings, featuring Olivas de Oro Olive Company, at our 3rd Annual Harvest Party.

Frank and Marti Menacho started in the olive industry when Frank sold his company, Westside Fish Market, in 1999. Frank, a passionate foodie who developed his love for blending olive oil while delivering his fish to chefs in San Francisco, had intentions to start a winery. However, after a friend took them on a trip through the central coast wine region to show them the tens of thousands of acreage being planted with grapes, the Menachos decided to put 160 acres of olives in Oroville.

In 2007, the Menachos uprooted their Oroville olive farm and transplanted 2000 of their 103-year-old trees to their new location in Creston, becoming neighbors to the Parrish Family’s vineyard in the process. In addition to their old trees, Frank planted 16 high density acres of arbequina olive trees.

Frank, a master blender, has been blending extra-virgin olive oil for over 12 years. He is also a member of the California Olive Oil Counsel and the Olive Oil Tasting Panel.

Tasting olive oil is very similar to tasting wine. Here are a few tips to enhance your olive oil tasting experience:

Take your tasting of oil and swirl it around in a cup.

Smell the olive oil: Is the aroma mild or strong? Is it pleasant or offensive?

Give it a sippy-sip: Take a sip of the oil and swirl it in your mouth. This will allow air to emulsify the oil and give you a more complex taste. Is the oil bitter (which you will notice at the back of the tongue)? Is it balanced with the strength of the aroma? Are there any distinct flavors that you notice?

Swallow: It is also important to note how the oil feels at the back of your throat. Does the oil go down mildly or is there a stinging sensation that may make you cough? Is this balanced with the aroma and taste?

Finally remember that everyone’s palate is different. Don’t be afraid to like or dislike something because of those around you.

Happy tastings!

Aleksandr Hewitt

Tasting Room Host/Parrish Family Vineyards

Olive Oil TastingPhoto Credit: Honestly Yum

Olivas de Oro 2

Photo Credit: We Olive


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