2013 Harvest Party Highlight #4: Dorian Michael

Hi Everyone!

Next Harvest Party Highlight is Dorian Michael, who is a wonderful local guitarist!  Ethan and I first heard Dorian Michael play at a pouring we did a few months ago and we were both impressed.  Ethan leaned over to me, “We have to get him for the Harvest Party.”  “Uh, yeah,” I agreed.   So, that’s what we did, we have asked Mr. Michael to join us for this year’s Harvest Party!

Michael’s acoustic solo music is referred to, by him, as contemporary traditional, which allows him plenty of breathing room for his versatile style and interests. You could say in one sitting you will hear the influence of blues, folk, and rock’n roll.  Michael has been a working guitarist for 40+ years and has been teaching guitar along the way.  It sounds like he knows what he’s doing, right?  It’s because he does… it’s obvious when you hear him play.

Check out a video below and join us on October 12th for a great time as Michael will certainly set the mood!  If you’re new to this whole Harvest Party thing, you can check out our events on our website at : parrishfamilyvineyard.com!  If you’ve gotten the memo and want to make reservations, you can email us at events@parrishfamilyvineyard.com or call us at 805-286-4028 as one of our hosts would love to help you!

Cheers and Harvest is upon us!


Photo Credit: Penny Gould

Check Out a Video Here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gueiLWcSPyE

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