Pair Me With – Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Pairing


Hi Everyone!

Through out this holiday season we will be posting some food pairing ideas because well, we love wine AND food!  The Pinot Noir is first up and it really is a wonderful wine to serve with Thanksgiving.  Whether it is a Pinot Noir that is more earthy and old world in style, or one that is jammy and fresh raspberry, this wine pairs nicely with savory turkey and stuffing.  It would go well with a traditional stuffing or even a cornbread stuffing with cranberries!  This also pairs nicely with the another Thanksgiving staple, the green beans.  Our family strays from the green bean casserole by cooking the green beans down with bacon.  It is one of my favorite things at Thanksgiving and it comes from my mom’s Southern roots.  I highly recommend trying it!

If you are mixing it up this Thanksgiving, Pinot Noir would also pair nicely with a duck…why not try another bird for the holidays?!



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