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Pairing Silken

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Happy Monday!

Days away from Thanksgiving and the stores are really starting to hop, aren’t they?  Well, Parrish Family Vineyard is open today from 1pm-5pm for those last minute wine needs.  Starting tomorrow (Tues) we will be closed till Friday.  So, we’re taking a day off from our staff thankfulness to share another pairing idea!  Today we share some pairing ideas for our Silken blend!  Now not every place has a Silken because it is my dad’s blend, but it is a favorite among customers.  Right now we are selling our 2007 Silken (blend of our Estate Cabernet, Petite Sirah, and Syrah) and the 2009 Silken (blend of our Estate Cabernet, Petite Sirah, and Petite Verdot).  The 2007 Silken is well known for being a great dinner party wine as it pairs with just about everything and I’m not just saying that…I’ve made countless dishes and this wine just works.  For the sake of this post, I will share what I think this wine would excel most with at the Thanksgiving table.

Silken would do wonderful with a ham, if you are not a huge turkey fan (it is definitely less to wrestle into the oven).  Adding some cranberry sauce, it would be delightful, especially with the wine.  You can totally spice up the traditional cranberry sauce.  We’ve posted on Pinterest a yummy recipe for Raspberry Cranberry Sauce, or check out Trader Joe’s as they are selling a wonderful Cranberry Orange Relish.  Ethan and I sampled the relish on Saturday and we immediately put one in our cart for Thanksgiving.

A side dish that is classic with ham is scalloped potatoes.  Another recipe on our Pinterest is for scalloped potatoes with leeks.  I love using them over onions because they are so much milder and when caramelized they deliver a wonderful rich flavor to dishes.  Lastly, roasted mushrooms with herbs would be a wonderful pairing with the dinner and the Silken.  The mushroom’s earthiness would pair well with the tannins and the fruit forwardness of this wine blend.  I’d probably even splash some Silken over the mushrooms while they cooked because I try to cook with wine whenever I can.

Regardless of what you eat or what you pour, we hope that this week is full of laughter, joy, and cheer with those you love!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Parrish Family Vineyard!



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