Pair Me With – Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah - PairingHi Everyone!

As we now head into the Christmas season, we will be putting up some food pairings for the Christmas holiday!  Unlike the traditions of Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner comes in much more variety and can be different for every family.  First off, we’ll start with the Petite Sriah.  This wine/grape is different from Syrah and it is noticeable in the taste.  Petite Sirah tends to be dark in color and bold with black fruits, plum, pepper, and powerful tannins.  Although like all wines,Petite Sirah can vary between wineries, for instance our Petite Sirah has much smoother tannins.  Many of you might already know this, but for those beginning in wine…for Petite Sirah it is best to stick with red meats as white meats with their more simple tastes will be out matched by the boldness of this wine.

So, here are a couple of dishes that I thought would be great with our Petite Sirah as well as others.  First off a  classic and formal dish for Christmas is a Stuffed Pork Tenderloin.  You can stuff the tenderloin with wild rice and cherries, or try a classic stuffing with walnuts and cranberries.  The fruit forward qualities of this wine will go nicely with the herbs and fruits.  I’d even add a reduction of pomegranate or cranberry to the top of a pork tenderloin just to help with any possible dryness.  Next, since California has been abnormally cold, any comfort food that is warm sounds especially fantastic.  I found this great recipe that does a twist on a French classic, Venison Bourguignon!  Normally it is done with beef, but venison is a flavorful and less fatty meat!  Beef and venison would both be a nice compliment to the pepper and tannins found in the Petite Sirah.  I can just picture curling up with a blanket next to a nice fire with a bowl of bourguignon and a glass of Petite Sirah.

Lastly, a fun dish for anytime during the holiday season is pizza.  Ethan and I watched Home Alone last night and Kevin McCallister’s Christmas season is filled with pizza, which is not surprising for a kid, but the truth is that pizza is loved by just about anyone and pairs great with Petite Sirah.  One recipe that stood out to me is a pizza with prosciutto, arugula, tomatoes, and shaved parmesan.  It’s simple, but is a nice step up from pepperoni and cheese to make it a special dish for Christmas that you and your kids will enjoy.

Till next time…cheers!


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