Vintage Paso: Zinfandel – Preview of our 1st Zin & Our Zin Guy!

Ethan Ray

Ethan Ray

Hi all!

Vintage Paso: Zinfandel and Other Wild Wines (ZinFest) is this coming weekend, March 14th-16th!  We will be sampling a preview of our 2012 Zinfandel, which is our first Zin, on Friday, March 14th and Saturday, March 15th.  I am very much looking forward to this.

My husband, Our Assistant Winemaker and Assistant Vineyard Manager, Ethan Ray, has become a bit of a Zin connoisseur over the last year.  In fact, I recently took a girls’ weekend and went to Napa one day.  Obviously, since Ethan couldn’t be with me, I bought some bottles for him so he could share a little bit in the wine experience at home.  As I stood at the counter of Inglenook, I evaluated my buys and finally became aware that I was buying all Zinfandels that day.  In that moment I realized that my husband has become our Zin guy in the family, which is great.  I love seeing him get into a wine.  So, here’s what the family’s Zin guy had to say about our 2012 Zinfandel:

“It’s a medium bodied wine.  It isn’t high in sugar or alcohol.  A well balanced Zin.  Some nice notes of raspberry and rhubarb.  Some pepper. I think it has a touch of tobacco.  Has some nice complexity.  It’s very enjoyable.  We all think it will be a crowd pleaser.”

Yum!  I can say that this wine is very smooth and has some wonderful fruit forwardness.  The fruit tastes fresh and jammy.  I really love it.  It looks like we’ll probably be one of the first customers to buy a case.

The 2012 Zinfandel will hopefully be available this Summer, so stay tuned for that!



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