Memorial Day – Fish Tacos & Wine Ideas!

Happy Friday!

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is already upon us!  With it being such a nice, warm weekend for gathering with friends and loved ones, it just seems like a perfect weekend for tacos, especially fish tacos.  My husband Ethan and I love taco dinners because they are usually light and we each get to create our own taco stylings…he likes hotter sauces and I like sweet sauces.

Below are some fun fish taco recipes I found on Pinterest!  But let’s talk wine real quick, what would I pair with the below fish tacos?  I would do Sauvignon Blanc because it is light and generally goes well with most fishes…even when they’ve been grilled.  Look for Sauvignon Blancs that are crisp, citrusy, light on the mineral notes, or a bit tropical.

could grill or do beer batter

make it a little spicy

If you love your Chardonnay, I think the citrus, floral, and butter notes would go well with shellfish tacos like prawns (shrimp) or crab.  As long as the shellfish isn’t heavily smoked, I think you’ll be a happy camper.

If you have your own smoker for smoking fish or you’re feeling salmon, I would look at going with a Pinot Noir that can deliver still a light body for a red, but would be able to stand up to the flavors of both types of fish tacos.

Not feeling fish like I am?  That’s cool, because I’ve been eyeing an Al Pastor recipe.  Another type of taco I absolutely love due to the spices, pineapple, cilantro, and onion combo.  And I would actually pair our almost sold out 2007 Reserve Silken with this…it’s a light red that would compliment the pork well. if you’re not feeling any of these tacos, what’s great is that you can make whatever kind of taco you want and you can still enjoy wine!

Enjoy your weekend & remembering those who fought for us!


Visiting the Paso Robles/Central Coast and looking for tacos?  Here’s some of my picks:

Al Pastor Tacos (Paso Robles): Los Robles Cafe – Inexpensive and tasty tacos that come with 2 tortillas per taco (can make 2 tacos for the price of one…hey!).  I would say get at least a couple tacos to fill you.  They have their house salsa, but I’m a lime & Tapatio fan.

Fish & Carnitas Tacos (Morro Bay): Taco Temple – A big variety of fish tacos, grilled and fried, and you only need 1 taco as they are huge portions.  I am a sucker for the calamari ring taco…not healthy due to being fried but awesome with the sauces and mango salsa.  Their carnitas tacos (or carnitas in anything) are delicious also.  They are CASH only and fill up fast, so consider take-out around rush hours.

Smoked Fish Tacos (Cayucos): Ruddell’s SmokeHouse – This little hole in the wall right across the street from the beach has some great smoked fish and they do smoked fish tacos!  I love salmon, but the other fish is great too (try ono since it’s a lovely fish).  The tacos come with the fish, soft lettuce, apple, celery, onion, and a delicious creamy sauce.  Together, it’s happening. You could get away with 1 taco, but order 2 if you’ve got an appetite.

If you’re in Paso Robles for wine country and wanting fish tacos, I suggest the drive as it’s beautiful, but Templeton also has Pier 46 which has some solid fish tacos (just been a while for me).  Villa Creek also has taco night on Tuesdays, but it’s tough for me to skip the Not Nachos (duck nachos) there!

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