PFV Employee Profile: Bree Palsgaard


Meet our newest member of the team, Bree Palsgaard!  She is our Assistant Tasting Room Manager and has been welcoming, pouring, and sharing great stories with guests since June!  Bree has been a wonderful addition to the family already bringing an established knowledge of wine, especially from her experience from working in the lab and cellar!  Pretty cool!  Not only is she passionate about wine, but she is very easy to talk to, so stop by the tasting room to meet her!  Until then, here’s a little more from Bree…

When you’re not working, what can we find you up to?
When I’m not at work you’d find me at the beach with my dog rusty, writing poetry, hiking the ridge between Avila and Pismo beaches, and playing my guitar.

What is a must stop spot on the Central Coast that you would suggest to a visitor?
A must stop would have to be Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur for its gorgeous purple sands and breathtaking sites or Jalama Beach near Santa Barbara for it’s shore break surf, & delicious cheeseburgers.

What TV marathon would be a must watch for you?
I cannot say I just watch 1 marathon on TV.  So, if I had to pick just 3.  LOL.  I’d have to chose The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black & Scandal.

Which band would you have to see regardless of the ticket prices?
Doesn’t matter how much tickets would cost I love The Black Keys!

We know that you have artistic talent…what is something you’re currently working on? 
My currents projects are wine cork jewelry and antiquing my dining room table & chairs.

What is your favorite season and why?
Favorite season is absolutely Fall, due to it being harvest and amazing smells in the air. (she loves the smells of wine being made!)

Who do you admire?
Greatest inspiration is my family for instilling in me a great work ethic and determination towards my continued education of succeeding all my goals.

Lastly, if you were a wine, what would you be and why?
I’d definitely say Sauv Blanc, light fruity crispness is much like my personality.





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