Happy Almost New Year Everyone!

2015 was a busy, busy year and it flew by, but not so much that it is a blur. We definitely felt all the wonderful ups and even the downs, which is life. As I reflect, I’m thankful and feel so blessed.

First Harvests of Estate Grapes: We excitedly got to harvest some of our grapes for the first time at our Templeton Vineyard! This was thrilling for us and it is a step towards having all estate wines. We harvested Grenache, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thankfully, despite the crazy weather, we had great fruit come in this year!

Wine & Winery Attention: This year we had our 2012 Silken receive a Silver at the San Francisco International. It is a beautiful wine. Our 2012 Petite Sirah received a Silver as well at the international competition and received 94 points from the Tasting Panel Magazine! It is a delicious, rich wine and Meredith May’s write up is perfect. With that, we had a great write up from the Tasting Panel Magazine in their July 2015 issue.

We also had wonderful writers and bloggers share about us. Such as Kara Sweet, who wrote a great article about us. She also wrote an article about labels and featured our P.O. Box 1 label. Then Sue Ray from the U.K. shared about her experience at the Cab Collective Panel in Santa Barbara, which means Paso Robles is definitely getting noticed not just nationally, but globally.

Then to wrap up the year, we ended up being featured on the Travel + Leisure list of America’s Best Towns for the Holidays. Go Paso Robles!

New Staff: This year we had Lynlee, Cyndi, and Caysi come on board. I personally feel blessed to have these ladies on our team. They work hard and care about our customers as well as our family. We are also thankful to have Noni still with us as she is just a beautiful person inside & out. I’m also excited to have Jessica and Erika join our team as on call staff and look forward to seeing how they grow!

Adelaida Vineyard & Development: With a long, long wait, we finally were permitted in September. Obviously, there will be changes in the coming years, but we will always stay a boutique winery. We are working to make the property sustainable by dry farming the parts of the vineyard that we can, putting in a water recycling system at the winery, bringing in a quieter frost control fan called Tow & Blow, and we will be installing solar. One of the most exciting elements is we are going to restore the Adelaide creek. With the financial support of SLO County and the efforts of the RCD, we will be bringing back native vegetation and also help restore the aquifer.

Thank yous:

In conclusion, thank you to our staff and those who have helped us this year. Our development team who have waited patiently with us and have worked hard by our side. Thank you to our club members who are just a blast to be around! We are blessed to have so many great relationships with you. To our Adelaida neighbors who have welcomed us and been supportive…we appreciate it more than you know. To those in the industry who have encouraged us to keep reaching & learning and for your friendships. To our family and friends, who love us and support us. We look forward to 2016!

Cheers & Best Wishes to Everyone for the Coming Year!


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