PFV Team: Lynlee


Lynlee has been a part of the Parrish family for a year and a half. She has been a great ambassador of our wines as well as being a wonderful hostess to our patrons. You will just have to stop by on Friday & Saturday evenings to meet this charming woman with her delightful laugh.

What is your favorite wine & TV pairing?

Petite Sirah and American Horror Story

When you’re not at work, what can we find you up to?

Dog Park, creating new recipes with my herb garden, and exploring Paso wineries in the area.

Your first wine memory…what was the wine, who did you enjoy it with, and any other fun facts:

 I didn’t enjoy wines until my 30’s. I was with my best girlfriend in my garden and we had recently found out that her husband’s had an incurable cancer.  We enjoyed the moon light the garden and Ghost Pines Zinfandel.

What’s your favorite dish right now?

 Purans fire cracker shrimp and Salsa and Beers Orange salsa with fresh tortilla chips.

What musician could you listen to all the time & why?

Depends on my mood:

Edith Piaf always and forever my all time favorite artist.

Lois Armstrong…speaks to my soul.

Madonna…I don’t have to think about anything. Just fun music.

Tori Amos for moody music.

Marty Robinson for classic country

Patsy Cline for an amazing sing able songs.

Hole…Malibu when I feel angst and moody.

Too many artists. I can’t name one.


If you could be any wine, what wine would you be? 

Is Sake a wine……ok, Malbec.

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