1220 Park Street

It’s crazy to think the day has finally arrived that we would be saying goodbye to our Downtown location at 1220 Park Street next Monday (August 13th). We have spent months and years dreaming, planning, and developing our new tasting room that the time has finally come to move into our new place, which is exciting and surreal! But I cannot do this without reflecting on our Downtown home of 7 years.


I remember texting Ethan, the evening before our first official date, to see if he wanted to help me drop off items for the tasting room we were slated to open in a month. It marked the first time hanging out with my future husband and spending time in the tasting room at 1220, but little did I know that this spot would be the location of so many memories not just for us, but for others too.

09 Pinot

We have been a spot for vacationers and honeymooners. We have seen engagements and acts of valor. We have watched as friends catch up and family members reunite. We have sat many times in conversations that have lasted hours and taken photos with new friends. We’ve seen and heard the quaintness of our small town like the hula hooper in the alley, the bagpipe playing in the park, the check ins from the twins, Brian and Steven, and the daily hellos from Happy, the friendly dog. I could go on and on of all the things that have taken place at 1220 Park Street in Downtown Paso Robles, but there’s just not enough space to really capture this spot.

While the conversations turn to echoes that go faint to silent…all those memories will not be lost, but instead will carry on into our new home at 3590 Adelaida Road. They will be memories that will warm my heart and cause for a pause and a smile.

Thank you to all those who have become such wonderful friends and to the Downtown community for accepting us. We will miss you, but obviously, we’ll only be 10 minutes away!

Cheers to the location’s new occupants, our friends, Diablo Paso! We know this special spot will continue to be a place that creates memories.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our new tasting room!


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Vineyard: Pollination Rows

A very beautiful, sustainable practice in the vineyard is pollination rows. This is something I just learned in the last year as my knowledge of this industry never stops growing, so I wanted to share about it as we are in the midst of spring time with lupin, mustard, and poppy covered hillsides.

Pollination rows are when we put in pollinating, native plants (wild flowers!) through out the vineyard. The mix we put down is allowed to grow for the majority of the season so the flowers can seed. This then becomes an open invite for beneficial insects such as the praying mantis and lady bug. These wonderful insects eat bad bugs such as aphids and spread the seeds into other rows of the vineyard. So, this creates an overall healthy environment for not only our vines, but the insects we love! Not to mention it’s absolutely beautiful. As you can guess this reduces our need for spraying, which always puts a smile on our vineyard manager’s face. The best part, since we’ve been doing this for years, is that it works very well. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Check out below the photos from last year that we submitted to the AG department. Thank you Linnea of our vineyard management company, Vineyard Professional Services, for sharing these!

Have a great Wednesday!


Quick Fact: Did you know dust brings aphids into a vineyard (or crop)? That’s why we have signs on dirt roads that say speed limits in an attempt to control the dust. Aphids suck nutrients from a plant, which can stunt growth and wilt leaves. An infestation can create havoc and there’s only 4,000+ species of aphids. Cue the “More You Know” jingle.

Wine & Cheese Séminaire

cheese event

Wine & Cheese Séminaire
Saturday, October 15th • 11am
122o Park Street, Downtown Paso Robles

Join Cecily Parrish Ray of Parrish Family Vineyard & Sophie Broban-Doering of Fromagerie Sophie for a guided journey of wine, fromage, viande (meat), and other accoutrements. Learn details of your favorite wines along with how they pair them and the background on the fromage. The experience will feature six Parrish Family wines and twelve delicious pairings.

$50.00 per person
wine club discounts apply

Tickets Available at parrishfamilyvineyard.com

-limited seating available-

Tasting Panel Magazine – July 2015 Issue


Thank you to Tasting Panel Magazine for the write up about us in their latest July issue! It was such a pleasure to share the evening with Meridith May and Bill Brandel of Somm Journal/Tasting Panel Magazine as well as the sommeliers Mike Madrigale of Boulud Sud & Bar Boulud (New York City), Paul Coker of St. Regis Monarch Beach (Dana Point), and Jared Hooper of Faith & Flower (Los Angeles). These gentlemen are so cool, by the way, that I wish I had had more time to just listen to them. We feel so blessed to have had them taste through some of our wines and hear our story. Also, a thank you to Doug Young for covering the dinner with his camera skills (it admittedly was tough for this photographer to sit still).

The delicious dinner was in May during the media week of the CAB Collective and the setting was the beautiful Thomas Hill Organics in Downtown Paso Robles. The dinner highlighted our wines perfectly. From a delicate hors’d crab salad floating in cucumber water with shaved radishes and a oyster half shell laying in a bed of infused Silken Blanc salt served with our 2013 Silken Blanc to an entree of cocoa crusted venison with vanilla scented creamed potatoes served with our 2012 Petite Sirah, the dinner was stellar to put it simply. We even had a party crasher as Linda Parker Sanpei joined us, so it must have meant the wine and food was good!

instagram1 instagram2

We are thrilled that the 2012 Petite Sirah would receive such a lovely description and 94 point rating from Meridith….

“Sings about violets, with dark chocolate, chalky tannins as the chorus. There’s an underlying creaminess – melted chocolate – topped with cranberry and strawberry. The blue fruit surges up, staging and securing its positing at the finish.”

She perfectly describes what this wine is all about and it delivers a wonderful experience. It also recently received a Silver at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, so we couldn’t be prouder. It is available at the tasting room and online.

In the end, the article showcases that Paso Robles is up and coming. We have a lot of great things happening in our area! I am excited to see what things will continue to grow and what things will hopefully continue to stay the same to represent our heritage. For instance, we have wonderful wineries, restaurants, shops, and galleries. We are growing, but then we have hometown things like Concerts in the Park and the Lavender Festival that I hope continue to only age with beauty.

Again, a thank you to the Tasting Panel Magazine as we are truly humbled by this story and the time you took to share with our family. A big thank you to Debbie and her team (Lannon) at Thomas Hill Organics. And lastly,Chris Manning for his culinary talent.


Third Thursdays!



Happy Friday Everyone!

Next Thursday will be our 1st Third Thursday with Must! Charities and we are very excited!  So what does that mean, well, join us every 3rd Thursday of the month where we will celebrate with a fun theme and also give back to the community.  Every 3rd Thursday we will give a percentage of our sales for the day to Must!  Pretty easy and cool.  It gives customers and us the ability to support our local community’s needs.

So, stop by next Thursday, July 17th, as we celebrate Paso’s 125th Birthday with Zin Brownies, since Zinfandel was the 1st grape in Paso.  Enjoy wine as usual and make purchases to help support Must! Charities.  Also, be sure to shop around a bit as other Downtown Paso Robles businesses are apart of Third Thursdays as well: And Be Boutique, Arroyo Robles Winery, Il Cortile, La Cosecha, LXV Wine Lounge, Salon Roux, and Studios in the Park!



CABs of Distinction Gala: Lodging

Cabs of Distinction

Hi everyone!

The CABs of Distinction Gala and events are coming up quickly on April 25th and April 26th!  If you’re busy like me and realize, “OH MY GOSH, we still need to get tickets and lodging!”  It’s okay…there are plenty of options in the area for lodging and tickets for the Gala are still available!

Need Tickets?

Winemaker Dinner Tickets (Friday, April 25th): www.parrishfamilyvineyard.com

Gala Tickets (Saturday, April 26th): www.pasoroblescab.com

Need Lodging?

Paso: Hotels

There are of course the Paso Robles hotels, which are great but can book up!  Some places we really like…

Adelaida Inn – Quaint and some of the sweetest people.

Hotel Cheval – Boutique, gorgeous place and perfect for a special stay.  Easy to get around Downtown Paso.

La Quinta – Easy to find, great service, and 5 minutes (if that) to the Gala event!

Check Out More Hotes in Paso (really, you can’t go wrong with many of them) at TripAdvisor!

Paso: B&B’s & Vacation Rentals

There are also many beautiful B&B’s and Vacation Rentals in the Paso area…

Paso Robles Vacation Rentals – They have places in town and out in the country.  They also have a great selection of 1 to 5 bedroom homes depending on your needs.

Canyon Villa B&B – Your’s truly did the photography for this gorgeous B&B, but I also actually stayed here and it is simply amazing!  The owners are generous people.  The breakfast is delicious (enjoy on the patio is a must).  If you want quiet, Tuscany…try here.

There are many B&B’s and many of them have fantastic reviews.  Some in the country or in town even! TripAdvisor

Atascadero, Cambria, & Cayucos

Lastly, have you considered Atascadero, Cambria, or Cayucos?  Yes, a little drive, but they offer great experiences.

Atascadero has the beautiful Carlton Hotel as well as the solid Holiday Inn Express and Best Western!  Tip…the rates may be better in Atascadero and HWY 101 is not far to accommodate travel!

Cambria is gorgeous with the pines and ocean.  This may be a fantastic place for apart of your getaway…

El Colibri – If you want boutique, they will deliver it.  Also, rumor has it Lady Gaga stayed here, so why not be like all the cool kids!

Sand Pebbles Inn, Blue Dolphin Inn, & Fogcatcher Inn – If you want ocean views and easy access to a lovely boardwalk along the picturesque bluffs of Moonstone Beach, check out these lovely high rated places.  Check out more on TripAdvisor!

Cayucos is more laid back and probably my favorite beach town on the Central Coast.  It was mentioned in Sunset Magazine last year and it’s easy to see why, it’s just charming…

Cass House Inn – Can this place just stop being adorable?!  Just check out the photos.  I also hear the restaurant is superb.

On the Beach B&B – Just met the very friendly owner of this place.  This has a central location and not far from the pier (which I believe is partially open), local eateries, or even that big sandy thing (the beach).

Pier View Suites – Is another charming place with ocean views!

Again, more quaint Cayucos and lodging on TripAdvisor!

There you have it…might need a glass of wine after reading all that, but now you have some easy links to places to stay and tickets!

Cheers and we hope many of you will join us April 25th & 26th!