Pair Me With – Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay

Sauv Blanc - Pairing
Chardonnay - Pairing

Merry Christmas All!

We are just over a week away from Christmas, sorry if that was a bad reminder for those still shopping, BUT it is another great holiday we get to have with loved ones…plus wine & food!  Well, today we’ve got 2 white wines to suggest with some amazing sounding seafood recipes.  Our family loves spending time in Cayucos, California as well as enjoying fantastic, fresh seafood, which we are blessed to get around here.  These are recipes that I could very much see my family enjoying on Christmas Eve.  The first is a recipe I found from Sunset Magazine last night as I finally had a moment to look through the latest issue, and I stumbled upon the Trout with Root Mash recipe.  What I loved about this recipe is that it took one of our favorite summer fishes and grounded it with a wintery vibe using the root mash.  This dish would pair wonderfully with a Sauvignon Blanc.  The citrus and herbs used for the fish would be merry with the citrus notes of the wine and the minerality would play well with the earthiness of the root mash.  I can see this being a perfect Christmas Eve dinner as it is light and would allow you to get ready for a heavier Christmas Day meal.

The next recipe I found on Food & Wine is a Smoked Salmon & Celery Root Bisque.  I have loved salmon bisque ever since enjoying my first bowl at Robin’s in Cambria when I was 19 (it’s also at Novo in San Luis Obispo).  This Food & Wine recipe takes it to a different level with celery root and smoked salmon.  A Chardonnay would pair very nicely with this as the butter would compliment the melt in your mouth richness of the salmon as well as work with the savory celery and parsley flavor from the celery root.  I normally would pair a Pinot Noir with salmon, but the smoked salmon needs to balanced out with the citrus notes found in a Chardonnay.  All you would need is a multi-grain artisan bread to complete this meal.  After looking at these recipes, it reminded me not to discount seafood as apart of the holiday meals as dishes like the bisque, trout with mash, or even a cioppino can be very warm and festive.