Rain in the Forecast – Time to Pair

With more rain in the forecast, at least in some parts of the country, it means staying in. Here’s some fun pairings for staying in this weekend!


2014 Zinfandel paired with Games – The lighter body, raspberry notes, and playfulness of the Zinfandel will pair perfectly with game time.

We love games in the family. Chinese Checkers, Bananagrams, Yahtzee, Scribblish…there’s too many! One fun game to check out is Bubble Talk, which is like Apple to Apples but with photos. A fun twist is to add some personal old photos to the stack for more laughter…the more embarrassing and ridiculous the better. Another game that we love/hate is Clue. We love it because it’s a classic, but some of us hate it because SOMEONE always wins (David Parrish, no fair Professor Plum!).

2013 Petite Sirah paired with Reading – The moody Petite Sirah will lend itself to a thoughtful and quiet time with its large palate of purple fruit and rich tannins. It will give you something to think upon, just like a book.

Growing up my parents read a lot, but unfortunately, I never got into reading quite like they did. My parents, David & Lynn, love reading mysteries and James Herriot books because the stories remind them of our farm life. After meeting Ethan, my interest for reading has grown. We sometimes read together and there is something so idyllic about it for me. We usually read something for personal growth like C.S. Lewis. Lately, I can be found with my nose in a book about bread…there are so many bookmarks. The great thing about reading is that it can be for groups, solo, and with wine!

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a Blanket & Fire – The Cabernet will be another great lingering wine for the palate with its black cherry and cocoa notes making it perfect for savoring the moment. This might even be perfect with some cheese…make a picnic by the fire with maybe some gouda, charcuterie, and bread.

This is almost a duh, but there is nothing like watching the weather with a cozy blanket and a warm fire near by. I like to pull my two fur ball dogs into the blanket, while we sit on the floor and watch the wonderful drops of rain. It’s peaceful and relaxing…something we all can use in our busy lives.

What about a white?! Okay, okay. So, I’d say get to cooking or baking with the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc. I find this to be my cooking wine as it gets my creativity going with its lightness and brightness. Maybe make a pizza from scratch, or learn a new recipe.

Lastly, all that’s missing is music…what’s your jam in the kitchen? I must be an old soul as I listen to a lot of acoustic guitar, instrumental music, and a little French cafe. My go to for a rainy day is Dave Brubeck.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, may they be enjoyed and stay dry!



Adelaida Project: Rain & the Bridge

Hi all!

Remember I mentioned rain in another post, well, we have certainly gotten that! In Paso Robles, we’ve gotten to date 17.40 inches of rain. It is truly amazing to see the hills green and the lakes & creeks full. In Atascadero, the small lake there is full again after years of dryness and the frogs were certainly happy. There was a ribbit symphony the other night when we drove by. So, a lot to be thankful for!


The Adelaida creek restoration is looking wonderful. The water isn’t shooting down the creek like it did in past years and instead is trickling down to replenish the aquifer. We are so happy. The RCD and Conservation Corp did a fantastic job!



Despite all the rain, the construction for the new winery is still moving as Rarig and their team work hard on days of “no rain.” The big exciting thing that is now on the property is the bridge! The bridge looks huge, but it is not actually finished as there is the stone work to be done. I for one am totally looking forward to seeing that as it is going to be gorgeous. Our architect, Shana Reiss, is very excited about the progress too (see below) as we’ve been working on these plans for years and to see it come to fruition is thrilling.


The Bridge shows up!



Bridge in place


Hopefully by next time I will have some other great shots of the project. Until then, try to stay dry!



Rain, Fire, & How You Can Help


We received rain yesterday in Paso Robles, which is great with us being in the state of California, but ironically, our grapes needed more time as mildew can arise depending on tightness of the cluster (we’ll just have to see!). The agricultural community is used to fighting unusual weather. We are used to having to fight for water, warmth…you name it…farming is about learning to be resourceful and adjust. My great grandfather never told my dad it was going to be easy and my dad certainly has never told me straight to my face that this would be a cake walk. That is why you have to love what you do and see beyond these things such as something precious like rain coming on the wrong day.

The rain did make me stop and think about the areas that needed the water most yesterday. We have many fires that are going on in California, 13 to be exact, but there are 3 that are thousands of acres of fiery threats to lives, homes, livestock, and our California scenery. The largest are these:

Valley Fire (Lake County) / 67,000 acres burned  / 15% Contained

Butte Fire (Amador & Calaveras County) / 71,660 acres burned / 37% contained

Rough Fire (Fresno County) / 139,133 acres burned / 40% contained

The Rough Fire amazes me at how much it has burned and sadly, I know there has been a death associated with the Valley Fire. We recently had a fire here in our county that burned 3,000 acres and Santa Margarita, where the fire was closest, went unscathed, so we were fortunate. Before this post drives you to a full bottle of wine, believe me I have a point, so I will get to it.

I have had customers from around the country talk to me about how concerned they are since they have seen that A.) we are in a drought and B.) we are on fire. I have appreciated the concern for our state, but there are ways people can help!

The Red Cross:

  • 1-800-Red-Cross  and you can designate by saying California Wildfires
  • Text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation

Donations to Burn Support Organizations:

UCDavis Health System – Burn Unit

Firefighters Burn Institute – Sacramento

Shriners Hospital for Children – Northern California

Valley Fire:

State Senator Mike McGuire, who represents Lake County, has launched a donation drive to help those affected by Valley Fire.

More Ways to Help and the Source: CAPRADIO 

Lastly, if you believe in prayer, pray.

My family is praying and so thankful to all the firefighters working out there. We would like to offer a complimentary wine tasting to firefighters working on these fires and a 10% off on a purchase (must have id to receive special). Join us when you are on break or when all this finally ends. We hope soon. This offer is good till the end of the year.

In conclusion, we are grateful for the rain we got yesterday even though it wasn’t perfect timing, but we’re praying for rain over these fires.