Wine & Cheese Séminaire

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Wine & Cheese Séminaire
Saturday, October 15th • 11am
122o Park Street, Downtown Paso Robles

Join Cecily Parrish Ray of Parrish Family Vineyard & Sophie Broban-Doering of Fromagerie Sophie for a guided journey of wine, fromage, viande (meat), and other accoutrements. Learn details of your favorite wines along with how they pair them and the background on the fromage. The experience will feature six Parrish Family wines and twelve delicious pairings.

$50.00 per person
wine club discounts apply

Tickets Available at

-limited seating available-

PFV Team: Caysi


We are lucky to have Caysi on our team as she is hard working, knowledgeable, a Paso local, and a wonderful hostess to our guests and members. Visit the tasting room and you’ll see why she’s beloved by many, in the mean time, get to know Caysi….

What is your favorite wine & TV pairing?

Oh wow. That’s an intriguing question! Unfortunately, in our house, we watch a lot of TV in the evenings! Having said that, how about if I narrow it down to two?

Comedy: The Big Bang Theory paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. There’s nothing like a bit of humor and some hilariously complicated and socially awkward characters paired with a light glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day!

Drama: NCIS (the original) paired with Petite Sirah. It’s a little darker, more complex, but still easy to drink. It starts out big and bold, but mellows with time. By the end of an hour-long action and drama packed episode, it’s so smooth and comforting.

When you’re not at work, what can we find you up to?

I bake. A lot. While most people find it strange, seeing as I don’t regularly eat sweets, I absolutely LOVE to bake. In my house I bake all of our breads, pastries, cereals, tortillas, cookies, cupcakes, etc. You name it and I’ll try to bake it… at least once. I find it to be both beneficial and therapeutic. What can I say? I’m a people-pleaser! I love doling out sweets in the same way my Grammy used to invite people into her home!

>PFV: And boy, are we spoiled with her treats!<

Also, one of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions was to become more active, spend more time with my husband, and get more women friends in my life! So, every Tuesday morning (with my friend Heather), Wednesday afternoon (for my Women’s Wednesdays), and most early mornings on Saturdays (for a couples day) I head out to Heillmann Park in Atascadero to play some Disc Golf. It’s a low impact sport that my husband, Ryan, has been playing since he was thirteen. While I’m not any good at it (and I’m okay with that) it gets me out into the fresh air, offers a good hike, amazing company, and great laughs. Let me stress this again… I’m not good, so it’s great entertainment!

Your first wine memory…what was the wine, who did you enjoy it with, and any other fun facts:

My family didn’t drink a lot of wine when I was growing up and when they did, they had no idea what to look for! So, how about my first good wine memory? In the spirit of absolute honesty, it was a date. The meal prepared was the most simple but perfectly seasoned and grilled fresh diver scallops, grilled asparagus with hollandaise, fresh spring greens with a citrus vinaigrette and a bottle of Tablas Creek’s Esprit de Beaucastel Blanc. Believe it or not, with the exception of the wine, it was all scratch made. I know, I live a blessed life… I did marry a cook after all!

You grew up in Paso Robles, what is your favorite part about Paso & why? 

So many reasons, so little time! The simplest reason? History. My mother’s family settled in the Lockwood Valley and Bryson-Hisperia area in the mid-1880’s. It’s hard to not be proud of something like that. I have vivid memories of my grandparents driving into town with us to do their grocery shopping. Inevitably, they would stop at what is now Steve’s Gas because it was (and still is) a Full Service Station, visit Old Town Drug for any prescriptions and maybe an old fashioned soda, and then stop at Foster’s Freeze or A&W for a quick bite to eat on their way home. And let’s not forget Wilson’s Cafe! They did love Wilson’s for Breakfast! As much as this town has grown and expanded, when you visit downtown it still feels small. I like that Paso Robles hasn’t lost that. At the end of the day, we’re all descended from a bunch of farmers and ranchers.

What’s your favorite dish right now?

Finally! An easy question! Without a doubt it is my husband’s Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf with a twice baked potato on the side. It’s phenomenal! Vegetables and salad are optional. Just give me the meatloaf and potatoes. Classic. Divine. Comfort Food.

What musician could you listen to all the time & why?

This answer will vary anytime you ask me. Right now? John Denver. He’s classic and he always kept it simple. That’s what I like. Simple. I don’t listen to a lot of today’s music. Really, all anyone needs to succeed is one instrument and good lyrics… which makes me want to listen to some Simon and Garfunkel.

If you could be any wine, what wine would you be?  

Hmmm. I’d have to say Cabernet Sauvignon. While it may be King, I am the Queen (at least in my own head)! But really, I do love Cabernet. It’s my go-to wine for any time. It pairs well with a variety of food, can be sipped on it’s own after a long day, and lends itself beautifully to Ryan’s red wine gravy!

Oct16th-18th / Harvest Wine Weekend: Fiesta & Siesta


Join us during Harvest Wine Weekend for our Wine Fiesta & Siesta. Two days of music & food and one day of rest with massage all at our tasting room in Downtown Paso Robles! 

Friday, October 16th – Fiesta
Complimentary Empanadas & Cheeses with Wine Tastings
Spanish Guitar with Jeff Peters from 4:30-7:30pm

Saturday, October 17th – Fiesta
Complimentary Empanadas & Cheese with Wine Tastings
Live Music with Richard Villanueva from 4:30-7:30pm

Sunday, October 18th – Siesta
Complimentary Neck/Shoulder Massage with McD’s Mobile Spa Service from 2-4pm
Enjoy your massage with one of our by the glass specials or a wine tasting!

I’m personally looking forward to this weekend as I think it will be a lot of fun. We will have great music from two of my favorite guitarists. These gentlemen are both sweet guys. Jeff Peters used to be my husband’s (our asst. winemaker) grandma’s neighbor. He moves around the room and strums beautifully. Then the following night we have Richard Villanueva, who we have frequently from Visalia, because he is a family favorite due to his upbeat presence & personality. He will be playing a lot of notable favorites.

As for the complimentary bites on Friday & Saturday, we will have simple empanadas from Splash Cafe…beef, chicken, and spinach/feta. We will also have delicious cheese from Vivant Fine Cheese, but that’s not too surprising for us!

Lastly, we are very excited to invite Heather McDermott to join us the last day of Harvest Wine Weekend to help us all relax with a neck and shoulder massage. She and I used to be coworkers a long time ago, so I am happy to be able to work with her again in a new way! So, I think massage and wine are a given.

Stop in and check out the fun if you are in Paso Robles. We’re in Downtown, just down from our lovely Park. October 16th-18th. Hope to see you then!



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Midsummer Night’s Wine Stroll – July 5th!



Join us July 5th for a fun Wine Stroll with the Downtown Wineries in Paso Robles!  Each winery will be featuring a rare wine with a pairing.  Guests can start at any winery downtown and purchase their $15.00 ticket to have access to all the pairings at each tasting room.  There are 14 wineries participating and here’s the list!


Arroyo Robles Winery 

Asuncion Ridge Winery


Burbank Ranch 

Chatteau Lettau

Clayhouse Wines

D’Anbino Vineyards & Cellars

Derby Wine Estates
(check out their new place!)

Frolicking Frogs Cellars

Grizzly Republic Wines


Parrish Family Vineyard

Pianetta Winery 

We, Parrish Family Vineyard, will be doing our 2010 Silken with a Toffee Chocolate Bar from Delightful Desserts Bakery.  We hope to see many of you out and about enjoying the evening!  The event will be from 4-8pm.  Also, starting at 6pm is Art After Dark, so you can enjoy both of our events that night!

PFV Profile: Aleksandr Hewitt

Here’s a PFV Profile for one of our tasting room hosts, Aleks!  He has been with PFV since late Summer and brings great personality to the tasting room.  He loves meeting and talking to our guests, which we love about him.  Aleks is a huge history buff, which is fantastic for us as we, as well as guests, learn many new facts from him.  So, here’s a little interview to get to know him more!
When you’re not working, what can we find you up to?

My wife and I live on a cattle ranch in Parkfield, Calif. We usually help out with the daily chores and are soon going to start our own farming projects including chickens, pigs, and goats.

I also work at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo as the Advertising Manager for their student publication, The Cuestonian.
If you had a friend visit the Central Coast, where is one place you would tell them they would have to visit and why? 
I would definitely take my friends to Hearst Castle. The historical collection there is awe inspiring and the importance to local history cannot be understated. As a journalist, I am deeply interested in the man behind the castle, William Randolph Hearst.
The Hearst family is still very active in the local community as well. My wife remembers working for Phoebe Cooke, a granddaughter of Mr.Hearst, on her horse ranch out in Parkfield.
Being a movie fan, what is your top 3 favorite movies?
Always a very difficult question. The Departed would have to be high on the list because it seems to always be creeping around somewhere in my top ten.  I am a huge fan of documentaries, especially agriculturally related ones like Food, inc.  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is the favorite movie that my sister and I share. It is a comedy where Steve Odenkirk has taken an old 1970’s Kung Fu style movie and dubbed over the script with his own writing. Through the magic of the green screen, he also inserted himself in as the main character. It is ridiculous, but my sister and I can quote every line throughout the movie.
What band/musician are you currently loving and why?

I listen to all kinds of music, whatever suits me. I have really been enjoying Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis (The Heist). His lyrics are very well written and they transcend race and social status.  I also have been listening to Mumford and Sons. The “new”grass music genre is very popular and the complexity is welcomed, especially with how overproduced a lot of music has been lately.

Any hobbies or interests that you’re passionate about?
I am passionate for the new local food movement (locavorism) that is popping up around the country. My wife and I want to make a career from farming and the best way to do that is to be passionate about creating a sustainable and local food source.We also are both 4-H leaders for the Parkfield Club. We are currently teaching 6-12 year olds how to cook their own food in our culinary arts project. We also have an outdoor adventures club that exposes them to the great outdoors.My wife and I also just got back from hiking over 800 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. We did the first third of the trail, hiking between the Mexican border to Yosemite National Park. Hiking for three months really allowed me to get to know the greatest passion of my life, my beautiful wife Lilla.

We know you’ve done some acting, so what was the last production you were apart of? 
I played Porthos in the Cuesta College production of The Three Musketeers. I have done dozens of shows before, but this was by far my favorite. We even had a fight choreographer fly in from Arizona to train us for our 11 fights. We used real swords and I have the scars to prove it (more like tiny scratches on my knuckles). I literally poured my blood, sweat, and tears on that stage. I have no plans to do another show for a while. This production took a lot out of me, with rehearsals lasting 15 hours a day, seven days a week, for the last three weeks of rehearsals.
Who do you admire most?
Theodore Roosevelt is perhaps my favorite president because of all the work he did for food safety and the national parks. He also is the poster child for the term “manliness”. How many American Presidents can you name that has a video of them chopping down a tree?Living would have to be Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in West Virginia. He is a self proclaimed “lunatic farmer” that is really fighting for small farmers and also has been very influential in my farming philosophy. If you can get past his excessive use of adjectives in describing the farm policies of the United States, you can learn something.
Lastly, if you were a wine, what would you be and why? 
I would have to choose Zinfandel because of the complexity of the wine. It is influenced greatly by the location of where it lives and also by the winemakers who transform it. It can sometimes be peppery, sometimes it can be smooth, and other times it can be mind-blowing.